Scented Candles With Cinnamon Sticks Yourself DIY

Scented Candles With Cinnamon Sticks

Scented candles hold a universal appeal, capable of lifting our spirits in any season. However, there’s something particularly enchanting about the fragrances associated with the advent and winter. Among the classics, the scent of cinnamon seamlessly integrates itself into the atmosphere of the Christmas season, offering a magical sense of comfort on those chilly days.

Today, we present an engaging DIY idea to infuse the warm aroma of cinnamon into your living space – crafting your own “Cinnamon Candles.” This creative project not only captures the essence of this festive spice but also amplifies its magic through the gentle dance of light and flame.

Materials Needed:

Decorative candle

Cinnamon sticks

Garden scissors

Rubber band

Sisal, colored cord, or any decorative material for wrapping the candle

How to Create Your Cinnamon Candle:

Prepare the Cinnamon Sticks:

Begin by selecting an adequate amount of cinnamon sticks for your decorative candle. Ensure that the cinnamon sticks are at least as tall as the candle. If they happen to be taller, trim the excess with garden scissors.

Secure with a Rubber Band:

Wrap a rubber band around the candle, securing the cinnamon sticks in place. This step is crucial for stability, especially when dealing with taller decorative candles. If your candle is on the taller side, using two rubber bands might be necessary for added support.

Enhance Aesthetics with Decorative Material:

Choose sisal, colored cord, or any other decorative material to wrap around the candle. While this adds a certain level of stability, it’s not as essential as the rubber band. The choice between sisal or other materials depends on personal style preferences. Some may opt for a rustic feel with sisal, while others might lean towards a more modern look. The key is to wrap the material as close to the middle of the candle as possible, ensuring it stays away from the flame to eliminate any fire hazards.

And there you have it – your DIY Cinnamon Candle is ready! These charming creations not only make for a visually pleasing addition to your Christmas table but also serve as mood enhancers throughout the winter season, bringing warmth and cheer to your home. Experiment with different materials and styles to tailor these candles to your personal taste. Whether you choose a traditional, rustic vibe or a more contemporary look, the result is sure to brighten your home and infuse it with the delightful fragrance of cinnamon, making winter a cozier and more inviting season.

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